Why Adfree Cities?

Adfree Cities is a network of groups across the UK who are concerned about the impacts of corporate advertising on our health, wellbeing, environment, climate, communities and the local economy.

Problems with advertising

Check out our resources on advertising and the environment, gender and body image, mental health and the impact on local economies.

Get Involved

There are Adfree Cities groups around the UK. Find out how you can get involved or set up a new group near you.


Check out the latest news from local groups and in the media

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In my day we used to call this culture jamming @AdblockBristol @bristol247


Big up @brandalism!

Guerilla take over of 100 UK billboards in anti-car protest


#Subvert #Adverts #AirPollution #ClimateEmergency

We are delighted to share the 1st briefing in our #lessonsfromlockdown series. All the content is:

- Unbranded
- Free to use
- Beautifully designed

This one demonstrates how people around the world have looked after each other during the pandemic.


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