Why Adfree Cities?

Adfree Cities is a network of groups across the UK who are concerned about the impacts of corporate advertising on our health, wellbeing, environment, climate, communities and the local economy.

Problems with advertising

Check out our resources on advertising and the environment, gender and body image, mental health and the impact on local economies.

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Love + thanks to all the artists and guerilla billboard installation teams around the UK for the #AdBrake car subvertising project.

Here's the Sunday Times take on it: https://www.driving.co.uk/news/environmental-activists-install-anti-car-billboards-across-uk-cities/

Hello World!⁠

@AdfreeCities is a new independent network of groups who want to create cities free from the pressures of corporate outdoor advertising.

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SUVs emit an average of 25% more CO2 than a medium-sized car.💨💨💨

If we want to encourage cleaner, healthier transport and travel, it’s time to end advertisements promoting big, polluting SUVs. Are you with us?

Sign the petition: https://e-activist.com/page/66459/petition/1

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