Planning Applications

This is our very quick guide to opposing planning applications for new billboards in your area:

  1. Make a formal objection to the planning application (see below).
  2. Ask your neighbours and Bristol friends to object too.  The more people that object the better.
  3. Write to your local councillors to let them know your views on outdoor advertising.  Be sure to include your postcode so they know you’re a resident of their ward.

Objecting to Planning Applications

Planning Applications should appear on the Bristol Council Planning Portal here.

There are two legal arguments to object on:

1. Harm to Safety – e.g a big illuminated screen with changing images would pose a danger to car drivers and others on and around the road.

2. Harm to amenity – this is harder to define, but it broadly means that the proposal doesn’t fit with the character, feel and function of the area.

It’s worth throwing in any other arguments you have as well.
Anyone can and should object to new billboard applications, often they sneak in unnoticed.  Get your friends in the area to object. – particularly any Bristol residents should write in (the more objections the better) but especially if you live in the area (e.g St Werburghs, Montpellier, Easton, St Pauls, Old Market, Stokes Croft, etc).  You could say how you use the area (e.g you live there, or you cycle, walk or commute to work regularly past the proposed site).
Elevation image of proposed Mina Road application half
A huge electronic billboard that was proposed (and rejected!) for Mina Road, St Werburghs in 2017.

Electronic Billboards

New electronic billboards are being rolled out across the country by the outdoor advertising industry. They are designed mostly to attract the attention of motorists – hence their size and why you often see them on major roads.  And they provide more air time to big business interests with the money to put their messages infront of us – whether that’s car companies, air lines, the Big Six energy companies, air brushed models selling us watches and perfume – and the rest.  It’s more advertising to keep the wheels of consumerism turning – and now using even more electricity to do so with digital displays.

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2 thoughts on “Planning Applications

  1. I am concerned at the proposal for electronic billboards in the center, or indeed anywhere
    else in Bristol. The commercialism, electricity,space , noise and money required is scandalous.
    in NO WAY should this be allowed.

    If the Council have spare cash it should go to save the libraries, caring for the parks, pruning trees, and public
    loos. please listen to the community. Electronic billboards will not provide Bristol citizens with a calm that allows a
    sense of responsibility and caring.

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