Act now! 34 new digital advertising screens planned for Bristol city centre

We know advertising companies are a sneaky bunch, so don’t let these latest applications fool you. They are plans for 34 (yes THIRTY FOUR) new digital advertising screens in Bristol.

The plan is for 17 new ‘InLink’ wifi units (replacing existing BT payphones), each with two advertising screens, to be set up all around the city centre – from Stokes Croft, to Broadmead, to Park Street.

The advertisers are trying to persuade us that these new installations ‘are more than just an advertising screen’ and would be helpful for the community but in reality they are unwanted, unnecessary and just a way to push more corporate advertising into our public spaces.

People in Bristol are increasingly concerned about the ongoing commercialisation of our public spaces, particularly through digital advertising. The council should be listening to those concerns, not blindly allowing dozens more digital advertising screens into our city.

So here’s a chance to make your voice heard!

Click on the links below which will take you to the 17 individual applications on the council’s planning portal, enter your details and submit your comments for each one.

Some points you could make:

  • 15 new digital advertising screens were recently approved for the city centre despite public opposition.
  • These are 34 additional digital screens which are unwanted and unnecessary.
  • There is growing concern among people in Bristol about the spread of corporate advertising in our city, particularly digital advertising.What is the council’s policy on this?
  • The advertisers claim that these units are ‘a valued advertising programme in harmony with its surroundings’. Do you think these digital advertising screens would be in harmony with our public spaces? (The advertisers also claim that ‘each unit fits into its local environment, being visually unimposing’.)
  • The units will capture users’ personal data, and are fitted with cameras – we have no idea yet what these cameras will be used for. We should be fully aware of the implications of allowing this technology into our public spaces.

Once you’ve sent your comments, share this post with your friends so they can have their say too.

UPDATE: Another 8 sites have been proposed, these are added to the top of the list of offending sites below, making 25 sites total – that’s 50 screens!

NEW Fishponds Road

NEW Stokes Croft

NEW North Street Bedminster

NEW Outside Asda East Street Bedminster

NEW Outside Cash Converters Wells Road

NEW Stapleton Road Easton

NEW Colston Avenue

NEW St Augustines Parade

Anchor Road

The Horsefair / Union Street

Debenhams, The Horsefair

Horsefair / Concorde Street

Lower Castle Street / Broadmead Car Park Jct

Broadmead / O2

Quakers Friar

Union Street

Wine Street

St Stephens Street

Baldwin Street

Prince Street

Park Street

Queens Road

Park Row

Marlborough Street

Stokes Croft

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    1. Hi Mary – there are 17 individual applications on the council’s planning portal – click the links in the post above to take you to them. Then you can use the “Make a Comment” button on the council’s planning portal to let them know what you think about each one.

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