Spark: measuring what matters in St Werburghs

As part of the ongoing community arts billboard project in St Werburghs, artist Bill Posters recently spent three days talking to local residents about what’s important, and what’s not important to them, about their local community.   At the same time, over 60 surveys were completed by residents providing an opportunity to have their say. The results of this exercise formed the content for the artwork which was installed at the Burg Arts community billboard site in August 2018.

The aim of the consultation exercises and artwork is to understand:

  • In an ideal community, what the most important aspects for a healthy neighbourhood are for residents of St. Werburghs
  • Whether different types of pollution in their neighbourhood are felt to be an issue
  • To find out what people in St. Werburghs value about their community today
  • To find out what residents would change about their community if they could
  • To assess whether residents of St. Werburgh’s think that corporate advertising is an issue in their community
  • How arts practices can generate data that is useful for campaigners and community activists
    Download the Full Consultation Findings & Report
Chart measuring how local residents rated each aspect of a healthy neighbourhood. 178 represnts a neutral response of ‘Neither important or not important’

Summary of Findings

  • Residents of St. Werburghs place an emphasis of value on ‘the local’ as apposed to ‘the corporate’. This is evident in relation to local art, shops and food growing as apposed to corporate advertising and larger branded retail shops.
  • Residents value safe streets and public spaces above all else in their neighbourhood. This was valued by all those consulted regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or faith.
  • Nearly two thirrds of those surveyed think that land and air pollution are big issues in the local community
  • Local art is highly valued as apposed to corporate advertising which is not valued by residents and was the least valued aspect of a healthy neighbourhood

The length of each strand of the spark denotes how important each element is to the residents of St. Werburghs – the longer the strand the more important, the shorter the strand the less importance that residents attached to it. Each aspect was scored on a level from 1 – 5, with 5 being very important, 1 being least important.

Download the Full Consultation Findings & Report

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