Let’s say no to more huge screens on St Philips Causeway

Update 9th August 2019:
The appeal was concluded on 27th June 2019 and the decision was split. This means that the rejection was upheld for sign B, but permission was granted for Insite Poster Properties to proceed with construction of sign A, subject to certain conditions. You can read the report in more detail by entering ref: 18/05167/A here on the Council’s planning portal. 

Curiously, just a week later, Ocean Outdoor submitted this application to install two digital screens adjacent to St Phillips Causeway.

Update 21 May 2019:
This application has been appealed to the national Planning Inspectorate. 

Update 21 December 2018:
This application has been REFUSED by Bristol Council.  (The Applicant may appeal this decision to the national Planning Inspectorate.)

A planning application has been submitted to Bristol City Council for a second, large free-standing advertising tower on St Phillips Causeway.

The proposal involves two screens, back-to-back.

You can object to the planning application here.

Click on ‘Make a Comment’  (upper right corner) to submit your objection.

Planning ref: 18/04924/A

Releavant legal grounds for objection:

1. Public Safety.  This ever-changing bright, digital, colour advertising screen would be a major distraction to all drivers on St. Phillip’s Causeway’s extremely busy two-lane 50 mph carriageway with some motorists interweaving and changing.  Cyclists also use this road so there is a danger to them.

2. A double distraction  The applicant has already erected an identical 2- sided digital screen directly opposite beside the Southbound carriageway. Motorists (going both ways) would now be confronted by a “Gate” of two huge screens, each larger than the side of single-decker bus, one on either side of the dual carriageway, creating a very serious double distraction.

3. Impact on Amenity (Visual environment)    The existing large digital screen on the opposite (Southbound) side of the carriageway is disliked by many people because it demeans the character of the area. The proposed new screen would blot-out the impressive view towards St. Michael’s Hill and Royal Fort House.

50 Bristol residents have already objected to the digital ad screen proposals.

You can object to the planning application here.

According to the Planning Statement submitted by Oceans Outdoor Ltd, a similar planning application for this screen was rejected in 2009 by both Bristol City Council and the Planning Inspectorate on Appeal.

Proposal to a new advertising screen tower to the south side of St Philips Causeway

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  1. There are, in fact, 2 planning applications for 3 billboards, they are 18/04924/A and 18/05167/A/ The first is for the single 12m x 3m double sided, the other is for two 6m x 3m single sides billboards, no comments on that one so far.

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