Digital billboard proposed for Bedminster

Update 5th February 2020: This appeal has been allowed; the development will be permitted. You can view the Planning Inspectorate Appeal Decision here.

The appeal documents suggest that the new development (a digital billboard)  is not dissimilar to existing (static) billboards already in the area. The Planning Inspector said:

Within the immediate context of the appeal site there are numerous other advertisements of a comparable form and scale. Accordingly, the presence of such advertisements is a distinctive feature within the surrounding area.”

The following is also of particular interest: 

“8.     I note the concerns in relation to perceived unnecessary advertising, and the potential effect of the proposal on well-being as well as wildlife. I also note the concerns in relation to the energy consumption of the proposed installation. Despite this, both the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 (the Regulations) and the Framework are quite clear that the only considerations that can be applied to proposals of this nature relate to public safety and amenity.”

Until we can achieve a change at policy level, arguments against advertising based on well-being, wildlife or the environment are ultimately irrelevant.

Update 21st May 2019: The applicant has appealed this decision to the national Planning Inspectorate.

Update 4th March 2019: Bristol City Council has refused this planning application, citing a Detrimental Impact on Visual Amenity. View the Planning Officer’s account in more detail here

A new digitial billboard is proposed for Sheene Road in Bedminster to replace the existing static board.  Residents have until 23rd January 2019 (approximately) to submit views to the proposals.

Click here to submit an objection via the Council’s Planning Portal.

Reference: 18/06208/A

Click ‘Make a Comment’ at the top to submit your views.

Legal points to make when submitting an objection:

  • The existing screen is a distraction hazard to motor traffic – and to make it a digital screen would excerbate this  danger. Advertisers charge more to advertise on digital screens because the changing image draws the eye.  There are considerable pedestrian and cycle movements in this area where concentration is essential.
  • The existing screen is an eye sore and bad for local amenity – and changing it to a digital screen would be even more so. It bears no relationship to the adjacent buildings and intrudes at a right angle to the road both sticking out into the street and sticking up into the air way above the skyline of the adjacent buildings.

Click here to submit an objection via the Council’s Planning Portal.

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