Digital ad screen proposed for Cabot Circus

Update 21st May 2019: The applicant has appealed this result to the national Planning Inspectorate. This appeal was dismissed (refused).

Clear Channel have now submitted another application for a similar screen in landscape orientation (ref: 19/04090/A – Aug 2019)

Update 23rd January 2019: Bristol City Council has refused this planning application. The Planning Officer’s refusal letter is available here.

The outdoor advertising industry is pushing for more and more ad screens across Bristol and nationwide.  These screens are hugely profitable;  advertisers can display around six ads per minute and the changing image draws the eye of motorists.

You can submit your objections  here.
Planning reference: 18/06267/A

The planning application by advertising giant Clear Channel proposes to replace the existing 48 sheet landscape static billboard with a very large portrait digital screen nearly 10 metres high by 5 metres wide (see image below).

Legal points to make when submitting an objection:

  • Danger to road safety: this is a hugely busy junction at the end of the M32 motorway. Adding a digital screen with changing images (designed to draw the eye of motorists) to a four lane traffic system would increase the likelihood of a road traffic incident. The National Planning Practice guidelines state that “the main types of advertisement which may cause danger to road users” include “externally or internally illuminated signs… which because of their size or brightness… could distract road users” or “which are subject to frequent changes of the display.
  • Further reduction in the amenity of the area: a large digital screen which is predominantly designed for motorists would further undermine the amenity of the area for pedestrians and cyclists entering the city centre.

You can submit your objections  here.

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