New Digital Billboard proposed near Stapleton Road


We are thrilled to learn that this planning application has been withdrawn by the applicant. Congratulations to the 150+ people who submitted their objections; a huge response and a clear message that Bristol is better without giant digital ads.

(19th Feb 2019)

Advertising company JCDecaux want to replace an old static billboard with a new digital electronic billboard, on the land adjacent to Fox Park, near Stapleton Road station, visible from the M32.

Residents have until Tuesday 19th March (approximately) to submit views to the proposals.

Click here to submit an objection via the Council’s Planning Portal.
Or go to:

Use reference: 19/00856/A and click ‘Make a Comment’ at the top to submit your views.

Legal points to make when submitting an objection:

  • Road safety: This screen is deliberately sited to draw the attention of passing traffic and presents a significant traffic hazard by competing for the attention of drivers on the motorway.
  • Amenity: The existing static billboard is an eyesore and a new intermittent electronic one would be even more-so. The planning application claims that the location is appropriate for a new electronic advert because the context is “overwhelmingly commercial”. However, it is poor logic to accept that ‘adverts justify more adverts’; Bristol City Council should be striving for a healthier, greener City. The completion of the Stapleton Road viaduct provides an opportunity to improve the amenity of the area, not permit the managed encroachment of advertisements on un-consenting passers by.

Comment on Council Policy

In addition you could include a comment on the point that Bristol City Council intend to “welcome a series of new electronic billboards” to raise revenue. Being bombarded with consumer advertising in the city contributes to problems regarding mental health, child and adult obesity, levels of personal debt, air pollution and environmental damage. Any financial benefits received by the Council are outweighed by these hidden costs which are ultimately borne by the public purse.

Lobby your City Councillors

If you have a minute more, email your city Councillors and ask them act in opposition to the encroachment of corporate advertising boards on Bristol. You can follow the link here to find details of your local councillors.

A representation of the 11 metre high electronic advert that JCDecaux want to install adjacent to Fox Park, near Stapleton Road.

Click here to submit an objection to this application via the Council’s Planning Portal.

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