Advertisers ignore residents and Council to push ahead with billboard plans

Three advertising companies are fighting Bristol Council to be allowed to build huge digital advertising screens in the city, defying dozens of objections from local residents.

Each of the companies had applied for permission to construct new billboard hoardings – and all had been rejected by Bristol Council in recent months, on the basis of traffic management concerns and damage to the amenity of each area. All companies have now appealed the respective decisions, which will now be referred to the National Planning Inspectorate.

An artists representation of the proposed digital billboard at St Philips Causeway

   The applications are:

  • From Clear Channel, the construction of a 10 metre tall digital screen at Newfoundland Circus, City Centre, which received 30 objections from residents.
    (Update, September 2019 – this appeal was rejected by Bristol City Council. However Clear Channel have submitted a new application for the same location!)
  • Also from Clear Channel, the construction of a 6 metre wide digital screen at Avonmouth Road, which received 9 objections.
    (Update, July 2019 – the appeal for this application has been rejected! This digital screen will not be installed!)
  • From Maxx Media, the construction of a 6 metre wide digital screen at Sheene Road, Bedminster, which received 60 objections from residents.
  • From Ocean, the construction of two 13 metre wide digital screens back-to-back at St Philips Causeway, which received 100 objections.
    (Update, July 2019 – this appeal resulted in a split decision. One of the two digital screens has been rejected. The other has been permitted).

Adblock Bristol will update this blog post with updates.    

Another recent application by advertisers JCDecaux for a huge new digital screen at Stapleton Road Railway Bridge in Easton was withdrawn after 151 objections were lodged.

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