New digital billboard at Stapleton Road

Update 9th August 2019

We have recently been made aware of intentional damage caused to several trees in the immediate vicinity of this construction, situated just next to the M32 underpass. We believe that illegal work was carried out to remove upper branches and improve the view of the billboard from the motorway.

Bristol City Council planning department have made clear that this work was carried out outside the terms of planning permission for the digital billboard (Application referece: 16/05968/A – granted permission in January 2017.) Bristol City Council have suggested we ask the Highways Team if we want to know more. Wildstone UK are the company that applied for planning permission for the digital billboard and who were responsible for the installation.

Napier Road digital billboard with damage to trees in foreground

Update 5th July 2019

Adblock Bristol are following the development of the large digital billboard at the Shah Jalal Jame Mosque adjacent to Napier Road, Easton. Permission was eventually granted for the installation in January 2017.

Construction began in February 2019, with all associated parts of the tower being removed shortly after. The tower has since been reconstructed as of June 2019. At this time Adblock Bristol are exploring further options but have no further information.

Construction of digital billboard at Stapleton Road, Easton, in February/March 2019.

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    1. Hi Henry, thanks for pointing this out, we will update the post.
      There’s no more concrete news other than to say that we have requested more information from the Planning department. Watch this space!

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