More digital screens planned for St Phillips Causeway

Edit 1st May 2020
The applicant appealed the decision to reject this application, but the decision was upheld on the grounds that the development would cause harm to amentiy. The appeal dismissal summary states that “The introduction of the advertisement would significantly interrupt the identified views towards distant and rising land.

Edit September 2019
This application has been REJECTED for the reasons:

  1. The proposed digital advertisement, by reason of its location and nature, has the potential to cause drivers to lose concentration and come into conflict with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  2. The proposal, by reason of its means of illumination, would result in less than substantial harm to the setting of the grade II listed building to the north of the site (Marble Mosaic Company), and the harm would not be outweighed by any public benefit.

Advertisers Ocean Outdoor have submitted an application to Bristol City Council to install two 12m wide x 3m high LED digital displays at Cole Road, adjacent to St Phillips Causeway.

This follows a previous application to install two digital billboards which was initially rejected. There followed an appeal which was partly successful, giving Ocean permission to install one digital screen, in addition to this application for two more.

To object to this proposed development before Friday 9th August: 
1. Go to and enter code: 19/03302/A
2. Click ‘Make a Comment’. 
3. Write as much as you’d like about your objections. Below are some points you could include:

  • The introduction of advertising areas to this approach to the city will spoil the view. The application itself notes that “it is not disputed that the locations referred to have landscape and townscape merit respectively.”
  • The applicant seeks to downplay the visual impact of this installation by referring to other planned developments, in particular the regeneration of St Philips Marsh and Temple Quarter Area. Any necessary work carried out in this area should be done with sensitivity and the impact on amenity should be relative to the benefit for all such developments may bring. Introducing illuminated advertisements will fundamentally harm the appearance and character of this area, irrespective of other developments.
  • Visual displays targeting road users risks distracting drivers constituting an unnecessary road traffic hazard.
  • The application makes reference to the lack of existing advertisements in this location, but this does not take into account the pending construction of the previous Ocean application 18/05167/A and pending application to install a digital screen nearby on Feeder Road. The cumulative impact of multiple screens should be taken into consideration.
  • The application acknowledges that this development is not necessary for the welfare of Bristol by stating that “‘need’ is not a recognised test for the granting of consent to display an advertisement.” It also claims that having two screens forming a symmetrical “gate” is aesthetically beneficial: Bristol can do better than greeting arrivals with a a 40 second rotation of adverts purely for the benefit of the shareholders of Ocean Outdoor.

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One thought on “More digital screens planned for St Phillips Causeway

  1. I strongly obejct of digital Billboards being installed.
    I find them dangerous and disturbing for traffic users and unsightly and intrusive in general for everybody else.
    I don’t want to be confronted by advertising of this billboard magnitude and object for them being put in place anywhere in Bristol.

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