Digital billboard proposed for Whitehall Road

Update 5th February 2020 – This appeal has been dismissed on the grounds of amenity and safety. Read the Planning Inspector’s statement here.

Update 20th November 2019 – Clear Channel have appealed this decision. We will update this blog post with more information.

Update: 26th September 2019 – this planning application has been refused.

This proposal for Whitehall Road is the latest in the series of proposed “D-Poster” developments from advertising giants Clear Channel. The advertisers want to install a digital screen in place of the existing ’48 sheet’ billboard in this predominantly residential area.

The proposed location on Whitehall Road: Are more car adverts what we really need?

To object to this proposed development: 
1. Go to and enter code: 19/03749/A
2. Click ‘Make a Comment’. 
3. Write as much as you’d like about your objections. Below are some points you could include:

  • At the applicant’s own admission this location is residential in nature. A digital billboard is an utterly inappropriate development for this neighbourhood and would be detrimental for local residents. An illuminated billboard naturally creates light pollution, particularly in hours of darkness, however much the operator attempts to control it. This would be an intrusive disturbance for those living and working nearby.

  • The application claims to be part of a project to “bring Clear Channel’s stock of poster and paste billboards into the 21st century.” However the applicant’s desires to remain competitive at the expense of Bristol’s neighbourhoods should not be a material planning consideration.

  • The approach to the Whitehall Road/Woodbine Road junction has seen a number of minor collisions in recent years. More significantly the billboard would be situated just before the junction with Chalks Road, where several accidents have been recorded including a serious accident in 2014. Increasing the number of adverts – and therefore distractions – on the approach to this junction is not necessary and would increase the risk of accidents.
Minor accidents recorded on Whitehall Road. The red star marks the proposed location of the new billboard

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2 thoughts on “Digital billboard proposed for Whitehall Road

  1. Hi Leigh, are you aware that the Whitehall Road sure is metres from one of Marvin Reed’s flagship affordable homes developments? See

    So the people there who have finally for decent affordable housing would now be having the amenity of their area negatively impacted. I’ll put it in my objection (and also write to the mayor and my local councillor) but you might want to consider adding it to the blog too?

  2. I personally do not want any electronic advertising in Bristol. In fact I’d love it to be known as a Digital Billboard Free Zone. That would be the kind of positive, socially conscious statement I’d be proud my city to make.

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