ADBLOCKED: Digital screen proposed for Stapleton Road, Easton (again)

This appeal has been dismissed. Click here to read the full report.

JC Decaux have appealed to the Secretary of State, asking for Bristol City Council’s refusal to be overturned. We will update this blogpost with further information.

Update 14th October 2019
This planning application has been refused by Bristol City Council after 40 objections were received. Congratulations to everyone who submitted their views!

JC Decaux have submitted a planning application for a large new digital advertising screen at 199 Stapleton Road on the junction of Eastern Way.

A similar proposal for a double-sized screen (’96 sheet’) was rejected by Bristol City Council in 2018, after 48 residents objected in September 2018.

This new application (August 2019) is for a 48 sheet digital screen and the removal of 2 existing static billboards.  Advertisers make huge profits from digital screens because they can display around 6 different ads per minute and the changing image draws the eye of motorists.

How to submit an objection:

  • Head to Bristol Council’s Planning Portal. (Ref: 19/04133/A)
  • Click ‘Make a Comment’.

These are some arguments that can be used in objections.  Feel free to add your own views about the outdoor advertising.

  • Safety concerns: The brightly lit, regularly changing digital screen would be a dangerous distraction to road users. Since 2014 there have been 2 Serious, and 15 Slight accidents at this junction. Thankfully no fatal accidents. That is well above the Bristol ‘Major Junction’ average for areas outside the city centre.
  • Damage to amenity of the area. The introduction of a huge new digital screen in a residential area would substantially impact the amenity of the area.  (‘Amenity’ is a planning term which roughly means the look, feel and character of an area.). This includes the impact of the bright lights on the large residential tower block across the road – as well as park users of Rawnsley Park.

JC Decaux’s application reads: :“I trust you will agree that the proposal will meet the Council’s aspirations for developing high quality and innovative designs in the public realm.” 

Our response to JC Decaux:   Filling our neighbourhoods  with digital screens selling fast cars and junk food is not we want. You sell ad space in our cities.  We live in our cities.

The consultation deadline for comments is Monday 23rd September 2019.

Above: the proposed new digital screen, with a sample advert for a new car.

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