Two large digital screens proposed for Bath Road, Totterdown

Update 23rd April 2020
We’re sorry to report that permission for one of these two screens has been granted. We’ve explained the convoluted process that lead to this decision in this blog.

Advertising giants JC Decaux have submtted a planning application for two large new digital advertising screens on Bath Road, Totterdown.

1. Go to and enter code: 19/04821/A
2. Click ‘Make a Comment’. 
3. Write as much as you’d like about your objections. Below are some points you could make.

  • Harm to the amenity of the area.
  • The proposed screens are very energy intensive at a time when Bristol Council has declared a climate emergency and most Bristol residents are trying to reduce our carbon footprints.
  • The screens would pose a danger to road safety.

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3 thoughts on “Two large digital screens proposed for Bath Road, Totterdown

  1. This would use unnecessary energy & create light pollution. This is also a distraction from driving (lit up signs are a lot more distracting than dark ones)

  2. I hate the ones that are up already and feel sorry for the residents near them that now have to see these ugly monstrosities daily. I do not want this in my area!

  3. Bristol City Council’s environmental policy states, ‘We want to use our influence and powers to enable us, individuals, communities and organisations to improve Bristol’s environment, keeping it a Green Capital’. If this is the case, it seems incomprehensible that the Council could even consider allowing the erection of these digital screens which use energy, completely needlessly, and cause light pollution, as well as creating dangerous driving conditions.

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