Digital billboard application for St Anne’s junction

Update 14th July 2020. The planning Inspectorate has upheld the refusal. However, this was only on the grounds of road safety, not amenity.

Update 20th April 2020. The applicant has appealed this refusal.

Update 17th December 2019. This application has been refused by Bristol City Council on the grounds of road safety and amentiy. Thank you to everyone who submitted an objection.

Advertisers Clear Channel have applied to replace another of their static billboards with a digital billboard, at the Junction of Arlington Road and Newbridge Road in St Anne’s.

To lodge your comments to this application, CLICK HERE to visit the Council’s planning portal, and click “Make a Comment”.
(Ref: 19/05142/A)

The location on Arlington Road, and the junction with Newbridge Road and St Anne’s Road.

Below are some suggestions that you could include:

  • This development would be a distraction to drivers and would therefore increase the risk of road traffic accidents. Bristol’s Transport Development Management have strongly objected to this application on this basis.
  • This is a residential street and the introduction of a digital billboard would bring harm and discomfort to the people living nearby, many of whom have objected themselves. The application should therefore be rejected on the grounds of amenity.
  • The potential cumulative effect of developments such as this should be considered. This location is adjacent to Feeder Road, where there is currently another application for a similar development in the stage of appeal (having been rejected by Bristol City Council. In addition, there are numerous other billboards in the vicinity.
  • This development will waste a large amount of electricity to install and maintain, and will only exist in order to perpetuate unnecessary consumption. Therefore this application should be rejected, especially as Bristol City Council have declared a climate emergency.

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