ADBLOCKED: Digital billboard application near Brandon Hill

This application has been rejected by Bristol City Council.
The first reason for refusal was:

The proposed advertisement, by virtue of its excessive size, illuminated nature and overall design, prominent siting, form and appearance would represent poor quality, incongruous and visually intrusive street clutter

The second reason for refusal was due to road safety considerations.

The report also noted that “The existing 48 sheet poster does not appear to benefit from planning permission.” Adblock has therefore applied to Bristol City Council for this existing static billboard to be taken down.

There is a new application to convert a paper billboard to a digital billboard, on St George’s Road. The location is close to the city centre, just a stone’s throw from Brandon Hill park and College Green.

To object to this proposal: 
Go to the Council’s Planning portal
Search for Ref. 20/00128/A
Click “Make a Comment”.

You could object on the grounds of:

  • Amenity
    A digital billboard is an inappropriate development here in particular given the proximity to Brandon Hill and College Green. This location offers a rare opportunity to catch a moment of peace and quiet away from the noise of the city. It is also objectionable to allow a digital billboard so close to St George’s school, Bristol Central Library, and local pubs including The Three Tuns, immediately adjacent. The experience of the customers of this establishment would be harmed by this development.
  • Road Safety
    Digital billboards are designed to draw drivers attention. This area is quite pedestrianised and therefore minimising the risk of accidents is all the more important. There were 2 slight incidents at this location in 2016 and 2018, and a serious incident nearby in 2014.
  • Sustainability
    Bristol City Council has declared a climate emergency, and this development is incompatible with responsible policy measures. By encouraging needless and excessive consumption, billboards contribute to the depletion of planetary resources. Although the application does not give specifics about the electricity consumption of this particular development, we know from previous similar applications that it is likely to be similar to the usage of 10 UK homes; a grotesque waste of resources. Bristol City Council has also declared an Ecological Emergency, and therefore it should not permit the development of new digital billboards which are known to be harmful to wildlife.

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