Residents’ victory as another billboard removed in St Werburgh’s

One local resident’s determination to get a bank advert removed from a quiet residential street has finally been successful. On Monday 12th October, contractors removed the hoarding from the side of a residential home on the corner of Horley Road and Mina Road in St Werburgh’s, Bristol. With help from Adblock Bristol, the residents have now ended their contract with ClearChannel. The billboard, which had at the time been home to a multinational bank advertisement, will no longer be in use and has been removed, leaving St Werburgh’s with very few active billboard hoardings remaining, much to the relief of its residents.

Neighbour Robbie Staniforth commented,

“I’m overjoyed to see that the board has been removed. It has always been an unwelcome eyesore from my front room window, no matter what was being advertised. Well done to the property owners and Adblock Bristol for their efforts. Hopefully, it paves the way for further billboard removals in this residential area.”

Adblock Bristol takes the view that corporate billboard advertising has no place in residential communities, arguing that such billboards favour large, multinational corporations over local businesses. Furthermore, the distribution of billboards around Bristol takes advantage of traffic congestion, which harms our local air quality, and corporate messaging acts as an engine for consumerism which is harmful to the planet. Instead, Adblock Bristol has been promoting the use of billboard space for community arts pieces, such as the Burg Arts project. This can be found in the centre of St Werburgh’s and currently holds an installment that celebrates the local community activist, Angela Francis. 

It is hoped that the removal of the Horley Road billboard signifies a shift away from corporate billboard advertising in the St Werburgh’s residential area, and a movement towards community space that celebrates its residents and their values. Both Adblock Bristol and the residents of Horley Road feel hopeful for a future free from corporate billboard advertising in Bristol.

Photo credit: Robbie Staniforth.

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