Visual noise or valid communication? Message Recall podcast

Message Recall is a recently launched, ongoing podcast series discussing the history, tactics, and psychology of advertising in public spaces.

There are now two 30 minute-long episodes of this groundbreaking and entertaining treat for the ears, available for free online or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Simplecast. Created by members of Adblock Bristol, this podcast series is an easy, informative and engaging listen with a captivating soundscape behind the somewhat dystopian-feeling content.

Kicking off the series was episode one: The Hydra. In this instalment, Tommy and Anna explore how tobacco industries spent the 20th century dodging and manipulating government health and safety regulations around tobacco advertising, and continue to do so around the world today.

Last week the latest episode was released, covering the evolution of digital billboards, their increasing dominance over public space and the impact on mental health and wider wellbeing. 

This episode gives voice to communities directly affected by digital Billboards and  explores Subvertising, ‘concretisation’, and reviews why new advertising technologies are an enhanced threat to personal agency and public choice. It features interviews with Leigh Coghill (Adblock Bristol/ Adfree Cities) and Dr Thomas Dekeyser (cultural geographer and urban ethnographer), and is well worth a listen.

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