Digital screen proposed for Lawrence Hill, Bristol

The site used to have a paper billboard covering this vintage Whitbread sign. Billboard company Wildstone want to install a large digital advertising screen.

Planning Reference: 21/00891/A | Upgrade existing 48-sheet advert to support digital poster. | 143 Lawrence Hill Bristol BS5 0BT

You can log objections here on the Planning Portal at Bristol City Council:
The closing date is early April 2021.

This application is being put forward by London based Wildstone who specialise in commercial digital screens.

Of extra interest: this planning application for a new screen is located just across the road from an existing billboard that does not have planning permission.  You can see in the picture below the existing board on the left, which was subject to a separate planning application last year to turn it into a digital screen. This planning department have said that this board “does not enjoy planning permission.”  See

This application should be refused on the grounds of both loss of amenity and road safety. 

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