Bristol: Thanks for all your Adblocking in 2021!

As the winter solstice passes, we’re reflecting on a brilliant year in which you lovely Bristolians have helped us block new billboards, pass a ground-breaking ethical advertising policy and rally support for residents living near to two of Bristol’s most monstrous digital screens. Thank you!!

Here’s our 2021 round up, in case it didn’t come your way in our monthly newsletter.

This year, with your help we’ve successfully prevented 3 digital billboards from being put up in Hartcliff Way, Lawrence Hill and Bedminster Down – adding to a total of 30+ billboards blocked since 2017.

We’re currently in the process of fighting applications for three ‘BT Street Hubs’ – you can still submit your objection.

Adblock have also been on the streets in Easton flyering for the #ScreenedOut campaign which has gone from strength to strength, with over 2150 signatures on the petition so far – help us get to 3500!

In October, we covered up ads on North Street, Gloucester Rd and Church Road to make space for community conversations instead (Watch the Bristol Cable’s video of this action here)

In a huge step forwards for an ad-free Bristol earlier this year, Bristol City Council adopted a nationally progressive Advertising and Sponsorship Policy which saw a ban on ads for junk food, gambling, alcohol and payday loans across all council-owned advertising spaces – which includes all bus stops. This policy also includes a ban on all advertising in council owned green spaces – because who wants corporate advertising in our parks?!?

Some press highlights from 2021!

The anti-advertising movement is growing across the UK, and this year Adfree Cities has seen several more Adblock groups join the fold! Adblock Lambeth and Norwich have already had major policy wins against harmful ads, and have mobilised successful objections against multiple new billboards. For any Londoners out there, Adblock Lambeth need your help to fight 29 more digital screens.

Adblock Bristol met up with other adblockers at the Adfree Cities summer training event, helped out with multiple complaints to the UK advertising ‘regulator’, and worked alongside Adfree Cities and other grassroots groups across Europe to call for a ban on fossil ads (Spot Bristol in the #BanFossilAds wrap-up video).

Interested in blocking advertising – but not based in Bristol? Get in touch with Adfree Cities for support to join a group or set up your own.

Thank you so much for your support and adblocking actions this year! If you like what Adblock’s about, help us stick it to consumerism this festive season and recommend a friend or family member to sign up to our newsletter.

We’re looking forward to everything the new year brings, starting with a Pump Up the Ideas Jam to get our creative juices flowing! We’ll be hosting this ideas workshop early in 2022, so keep an eye out for an invite, or email us for more info. We’ll also be looking for people to join our Arts Group and for fellow podcasters to join the awesome Message Recall podcast team.

See you in the new year – stay safe, well and happy, and look forward to hearing from you on any time you need us!

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