Adblock Hackney launched. Get involved!

Adblock Hackney launched on International Anti-Advertising Day March 25th, with a digital ad cover-up and 100+ objections to new digital billboards!

Read about the launch in these two articles in the Hackney Gazette:
Anti-ad campaign takes over digital ad units in Shoreditch
Cover-up campaign: Action taken against Shoreditch digital ads

and in EastLondonLines: “It’s reclaiming the space for people”: Hackney activists stage advertising cover-up

Now it’s your chance to get involved!

Come and join the team at an informal information session on April 27th at 7pm at the Rhodes Estate Community Hall, a stones throw from Dalston Junction station. Find out more and register to attend.

The group is currently working to block 9 new digital billboards in Shoreditch – sign the petition, and see below for how you can help block these screens.

Their next target is to get Hackney Council to introduce an ethical advertising policy. Such a policy would see Hackney council stipulate in agreements with advertising contractors that no adverts could be placed on council controlled sites for:

🛫 High carbon industries, such as flights, SUVs, fossil fuel companies
🍔 Junk food, and products high in Fat, Sugar and Salt (HFSS)
💸 Payday lenders
🃏 Gambling companies
🐘 Holiday companies that promote unethical animal experiences

These measures should go hand in hand with opportunities to promote local independent businesses and artists on existing advertising sites.

The ethical advertising policy should also seek to reduce street clutter, visual pollution and the amount of energy used by advertising with a presumption of refusal for new advertising applications and a reduction of existing advertising sites where possible.

Please email your local councillor candidates for the May 2022 elections to ask that they pledge to support an ethical advertising policy.

Sign up to updates from Adblock Hackney to find out more about this and to join our ongoing campaigns.

We still need your help to block JC Decaux’s nine digital screens from coming to Shoreditch. Here’s how to object.

You can object to any or all of JC Decaux’s nine digital screens on Hackney council’s planning website. Each objection makes a difference, and the more objections the council receives, the more likely the screens will be refused. The deadline to object is 20th April.
Step 1: Find the planning site here: To add a comment, you may need to register on the site.
Step 2: In the top left where it says “Application Reference Number”, enter the reference for one of the screens (see photo below for the location of each).
References: 2022/0340, 2022/0343, 2022/0344, 2022/0348, 2022/0349, 2022/0350, 2022/0355, 2022/0356, 2022/0357.
Step 3. Click ‘View’ to open the application. Scroll to the bottom of the page and add your reasons for objecting to the screen where it says “Make a representation”.
The planning department can currently only refuse advertisement developments on the grounds of public safety and amenity.
Remember to make your objection personal to you, and specific to the area. Why will this development affect you? Do you cycle, drive, walk or wheel nearby? Is there a school or pedestrian crossing nearby, a complex junction, listed buildings, a conservation area, or other reasons that the screen would impact the amenity, i.e., the visual quality of the locality and your ability to enjoy living, working or playing there?
Step 4. Now you’re done: you should receive a confirmation email, and soon enough you’ll hear the result via email. If you have time, you could repeat your objection for the other screens – and share with friends and neighbours who could add their voices too.

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