Bristol adblockers: object to a new shop-sized ad!

Update February 2023: After 48 objections, this application was firmly refused by the Council: “The proposed advert is incongruous with the host property and street scene and intrusive in design terms. It would be detrimental to the special character and appearance of this part of the City and Queen Square Conservation Area and harmful to the setting of several nearby Listed Buildings. The proposal fails to demonstrate any significant public benefits that can be used to outweigh the harm caused to the significance of the designated heritage assets.” Search Ref 22/03085/A here for more detail.

An enormous new advert is being proposed for pedestrianised Clare Street in central Bristol. See below for how to object.

London-based ad company Blowup Media seem to be trying to pull off the advertisement under the guise of an environmentally friendly scheme (yawn). In their application, they picture an ad for world environment day, when in reality we all know that these ads are likely to be used for products that damage our health and the environment.

To ramp up the greenwash further, included in the plans are a living wall above the advert. If the ad got permission, and if the living wall worked which is by no means a guarantee, we suppose Bristol could be featured in Blowup Media’s greenwashing case studies – well, we’re not up for being used to polish up an ad company’s image to justify applications in other cities, no way.

We agree

The location of the proposed ad is in the heart of Bristol alongside cafes and restaurants. It would detract from the character and feel of the area, and may end up harming local businesses. I certainly wouldn’t want to be having a drink right next to an enormous 6 x 5 metre advertisement.

But all is not lost! Bristol has a great track record of stopping harmful ads like this. It only takes 5 minutes on the council website to lodge an objection. For old hands, it’s planning reference 22/03085/A – you know what to do! Or, see below for a step-by-step guide on how to object.

A recent ad from Blowup Media near Temple Meads

How to object:

1. Go to and enter code: 22/03085/A 

2. Click ‘Make a Comment’. 

3. Write as much as you’d like about your objections. Below are some points you could include, but make sure to make it personal to you:

Bear in mind your comments will be publicly available and may be read and quoted by anyone, including journalists.

  • The location of this advert would damage local shops and businesses in the area. 
  • The character of the area would be blemished. The advert is positioned just around the corner from a 14th century church, and a stones throw from St Nicholas market. A huge advert like this is out of touch with local wishes.
  • The advert being on street level would dominate the view of any passing cyclist or pedestrian. 
  • In the context of the climate emergency, it is not acceptable to continue to spread hyperconsumerism-promoting adverts in our cities. This proposal goes against Bristol City Council’s own Stance on the topic.

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