Adfree Cities Newsletter – September 2022

Happy Autumn! This September has seen BBC coverage of our national campaign, a giant community paint by numbers event hosted by Adblock Bristol, and Adblock Lambeth and Lewisham mounting local opposition to more on-street advertising. 

This month we also share two exciting job opportunities with Adfree Cities, and three easy actions you can take today for healthier, ad-free places.

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Image credit: Camille Aboudaram

Should billboard advertising be banned? – BBC

Earlier in September, BBC News featured Adfree Cities and local Adblock groups in Bristol, Norwich and Lambeth. 

Adfree Network Director Charlotte spoke in depth about the reasons behind our campaign, with a final mic-drop comment that ‘instead of big adverts, “we’d rather see community arts, murals, local projects, and renewed green spaces“.’  Yes please! 

Read the BBC article here.

Work with us! Two new roles.

We’re excited to say we are hiring! Adfree Cities are looking for a London-based National Policy Campaigner as we take the campaigning of our local city groups to Westminster and seek impactful national policy change.

We’re also hiring a Counter Greenwash Arts Organiser. Are you an enthusiastic and creative climate justice campaigner who can help us expose the greenwashing tactics of car manufacturers and fossil fuel companies? We’d love to hear from you.

Interested in knowing more? Send us an email to, we’d be happy to answer question or organise a call.

Adfree Cities joins European actions against aviation advertising

A wave of actions last week targeted the climate impacts of aviation advertising. Adfree Cities joined other members of the Subvertisers International Network and Brandalism to stand up to greenwashing by airlines and airports, and to demand a ban on polluting advertising.

Adblock Bristol took part with a giant community ‘Paint By Numbers’ and submitted an Open Letter to Bristol’s Mayor asking for a low-carbon advertising policy in the city. 

Adfree Cities’ Robbie Gillet spoke to the Daily Mirror about the need for a ban on ‘high-carbon’ advertising, including for airlines, non-electric cars and fossil fuel companies. “A simple step that government, both local and national, can take is to prohibit advertising for polluting products – for the benefit of people’s health, air quality and the climate.” 

Read more in Adblock Lambeth’s wrap-up blog.

 Take action: Write to your local councillor asking for a ban on high carbon ads.

Image: Christopher Hoare

Adblock Lambeth & Lewisham fight more digital ad screens

A new raft of applications for digital advertising screens is keeping Adblock Lambeth and Adblock Lewisham busy. If approved, the new ‘BT Street Hubs’ would add 25 new double-sided digital billboards to Lambeth and Lewisham’s streets – with each unit blocking pavements, causing light pollution and using the same electricity as 3 average UK homes.

The groups are calling on Londoners to add their objections to the applications – we know objecting works, so please take 5 minutes to add your comments! 

What can you do? Find out how to object in Lambeth and Lewisham, and please share the groups’ call-outs widely to help block the screens.

Donate to Adfree Cities

The campaigning work Adblock Bristol has done since 2017 has inspired similar groups in Hackney, Norwich, Lambeth, Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham, Exeter and now Lewisham. Would you consider making a small donation to Adfree Cities to help support this work?

If so, you can donate and share here:

In solidarity,

Charlotte and the Adfree Cities team

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