BT plan to cover Lambeth in even more corporate advertising – help us fightback!

BT have submitted planning applications for 16 new ‘street hubs ’across Lambeth. We’ve blogged about these kinds of proposals before, and it is clear these ‘hubs ’would be little more than glorified advertising monoliths, insultingly dressed up as public services. With applications already submitted by JCDecaux for a set of similar units and Clear Channel’s newly approved freestanding advertising units, Lambeth’s public spaces are under attack.

The map above shows BT and JCDecaux applications in blue, with the already approved Clear Channel monoliths in red.

This is why we need your help to object to this latest round of applications.

What Can I Do?

The council is accepting objections to the proposals until 23rd September. Each proposed site has its own planning application and space on the Lambeth planning portal where you can submit comments. We’ve linked below to each of these applications to help you choose which you’d like to object to.

There is now a sign-up process to submit comments through the portal, however you can still submit comments by email if you prefer via – just make sure you include the reference number in the email and subject line .

We know that the council will only take into consideration objections based on visual amenity (the impact the plans would have on how the area looks) and public safety, so it is best to make your submissions along those lines. Concerns could include

  • The plans would obstruct public use of the pavement
  • It would look out of place in the street, causing visual and light pollution
  • Disability discrimination. 70% of disabilities are invisible and common aspects include light/noise sensibility, susceptibility to overstimulation and attacks are common when the environment itself poses a form of psychological distress.
  • BT have provided no evidence for claims of energy efficiency. The plans have no public benefit and the energy usage from the national grid will harm public safety through its contribution to global heating
  • Unlike old BT hubs or telephone boxes, the new plans are for entirely opaque blocks in the middle of the street. This could make many Lambeth residents who are using the pavement feel unsafe
  • The Lambeth Local plan says that pavements must be at least 2m wide, so if the proposals affect this, it could be a good thing to mention
  • The Local Plan also makes it clear that advertising shouldn’t clash, interfere with or distract from traffic lights, so this is worth investigating
  1. 22/02739/ADV Pavement Outside 161- 163 Clapham High Street London SW4 7ST
  2. 22/02741/ADV Existing Asphalt Footpath, Off Clapham High Street, Clapham Park Lambeth London SW4 7UR
  3. 22/02743/ADV Edinburgh House 170 Kennington Lane London SE11 5DP
  4. 22/02745/ADV Lambeth Road Near To Junction With Kennington Road London SE11 6NL
  5. 22/02747/ADV 132-134 Streatham Hill London SW2 4RS
  6. 22/02749/ADV Telephone Kiosk Outside 256 Streatham High Road London SW16 1HT
  7. 22/02751/ADV 233 Knight’s Hill London SE27 0QT
  8. 22/02753/ADV Telephone Kiosk Outside 509 Norwood Road London SE27 9DL
  9. 22/02755/ADV Woolford Court 100 Coldharbour Lane London SE5 9PU
  10. 22/02757/ADV 3 To 27 Wilcox Road London SW8 2XA
  11. 22/02759/ADV Kennington Park Post Office 410 Kennington Road London SE11 4QA
  12. 22/02904/ADV Pavement Outside 2 – 4 Clapham High Street London SW4 7TS
  13. 22/02906/ADV Pavement Outside 330 Clapham Road London SW9 9AP
  14. 22/02908/ADV Pavement Outside 234 Coldharbour Lane London SW9 8SD
  15. 22/02910/ADV Outside Of 176 Acre Lane London SW2 5UL
  16. 22/02912/ADV Advertising Right 10 Albert Embankment London SE1 7SP

Cover ups

We recently blogged about our plans to fightback against these monoliths by staging a series of cover-ups across Lambeth and we can now confirm that the first of these will be on Saturday 29th October. Join our mailing list (on the right-hand side of this page) and we will let you know closer to the time which of the monstrosities we’ll be covering. Come down to say hi and have a chat with us!

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