Oppose new illuminated advertising “Street Hubs” in Lewisham

We are communities, not commodities.

In August, BT submitted planning applications for a heap of new “street hubs” in our fair borough, blasting advertising into our brains from 75 inch screens non-stop. For a healthier, greener borough, we need your help opposing these illuminations.

How can I object?

You can build a healthier community in 5 to 10 minutes!

Step 1: Go to Lewisham Council’s planning portal; https://planning.lewisham.gov.uk/online-applications/

Step 2: Search using the reference number (full list below). Then make an objection. For each digital screen, there are two applications. One is for the structure itself and the other is for permission to display ads on the structure. Object to both if you want to be a real hero!

Reference numbers

  • Lewisham High Street – DC/22/128008 – Rejected – No further action needed
  • 218 – 220 Deptford High Street – DC/22/128043
  • Evelyn Street – DC/22/128040
  • Lee High Road – DC/22/128045
  • 113 Deptford High Street – DC/22/128047
  • Rushey Green – DC/22/128049
  • Sydenham Road – DC/22/128051
  • 412 Downham Way – DC/22/128053
  • 644A Downham Way – DC/22/128054

Step 3: Wondering what to say in your objection? Here are some ideas on what to mention.

  • The Council’s Planning Department can refuse the screen on the grounds of ‘amenity’, so be sure to mention factors such as how the screen would cause an amenity loss and a detriment to the quality of the area. This could include the addition of a freestanding unit causing clutter in a busy pedestrianised area, the contribution to an area already saturated with advertising infrastructure, the addition of a visually unattractive unit causing detriment to the visual quality of the street.
  • Your personal story: why does this affect you? Why are you taking the time to object?
  • Although it is not currently considered ‘material grounds’ for planning refusal, each BT Hub unit has two large digital screens. These use a significant amount of energy and contribute to light pollution, which is not compatible with the Council’s declaration of Climate and Ecological emergencies.
  • The imposition of advertising into public space has a significant impact on public wellbeing.
  • Additional grounds to object can be found in this story, from when Bristol City Council refused similar units on their streets.

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