Adblock Lambeth stage Brixton ad cover-up

Main photo: Camille Aboudaram

Adblock Lambeth were joined by members of Fossil Free London, XR Lambeth, Adfree Cities, Adblock Hackney and the Stop Shopping activist community choir on Saturday 29th October as we staged an advertising cover-up on a busy Brixton street corner.

The choir performed rousing anti-advertising songs while Reverend Billy (the anti-consumerist preacher who can often be found with the choir) performed an “exorcism” on the offending advertising board. The Reverend, who was visiting London from the USA, left the Brixton public in no doubt that the advertising monolith was possessed by corporate demons that could only be banished by covering it in alternative messaging.

Photo: Camille Aboudaram

While the choir sang, Brixton locals and their children used chalk to cover the pavement with ideas on what should replace corporate outdoor advertising and Adblockers invited people to add suggestions to the paper covering the billboard.

The cover-up, which was reported in Brixton Buzz, was a great fun and we left Brixton with scary Halloween-themed facts about the costs of allowing corporations to use our public spaces as an advertising canvas.

Adblock Lambeth will be planning more actions against the corporate takeover of our streets, so sign up for our newsletter on the right of the page to get our updates and to find out when you can join us for our next activists’ meeting.

Photos: Camille Aboudaram

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