Adfree Cities 2022 Wrap Up Newsletter – December 2022

It’s already the end of 2022! Time to enjoy some festive cheer and look back over what Adfree Cities and our local Adblock groups across the UK have achieved this year.

We are very proud to say that we have done a lot! And we are very excited to look forward to even more adbusting in 2023.

So grab a warming drink, get under a blanket and read on…

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From across the network

Adblock groups around the UK have been taking action at a local level to reclaim their communities from corporate advertising. Here are some 2022 highlights:

  • After our conference in May we welcomed new local group Adblock Lewisham who hit the ground running fighting an influx of ‘BT Street Hubs’ and a large digital billboard.
Image by Christopher Hoare from Adblock Lewisham
Image from Adblock Hackney
Image by Camille Aboudaram from Adblock Lambeth
Image from Adblock Bristol
  • Adblock Norwich have also been mobilising activists to block digital screens and BT Street Hub advertising units, as well as taking part in national and international adbusting actions and outreach.
Image by Tom Barrett

Thank you so much to all our groups and activists for taking action to fight against corporate advertising and reclaim public space for communities.

Find and join an Adblock group near you!

Adfree Cities BIG WINS!!


Adfree Cities have welcomed some new staff members in the last few months:

  • James joins us from his role at the Bristol Activist as our new Counter Greenwash Arts Organiser with some exciting projects to highlight the impact of car advertising and greenwash.
  • Peter has come on board with his expertise in Forensic Architecture to research how the location of billboards is linked to socio-economic indicators and the health of communities.

Keep an eye on the website to find out more about the whole team in the new year.

Looking forward to 2023…

We are excited about what 2023 will bring! We’re looking forward to our Adblock Network AGM at the start of the year, a chance to bring all our local groups and Adblock Coordinator Training Programme members together to network, discuss tactics and make adbusting plans.

Keep an eye on our social media and newsletters for ongoing opportunities to get involved with Adfree Cities and take action against advertising. We look forward to another year of holding corporations to account and creating the ad-free cities we want to see.

Thank you for supporting Adfree Cities this year

If you are interested in Adfree Cities and the work we do, there are plenty of ways to get involved. We’re always interest to know your feedback and thoughts: get in touch

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In solidarity,

The Adfree Cities team

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