A bus shelter advert photographed at night. The ad is for a Toyota C-HR.

Three new ad screens in Bristol: object here

Advertising company Clear Channel has applied to install 3 new digital advertising units at bus stops across Bristol, removing paper adverts in favour of digital screens.

Our take: Bus stops don’t need advertising screens! Especially when each screen uses the same electricity as 3-4 UK homes, and when they continue to advertise flights, SUV cars and fossil fuel companies that worsen the climate crisis.


  • Fishponds Road (Ref. 23/00352/A)
  • Hengrove Way (Ref. 23/00357/A)
  • Wells Road (Ref. 23/00349/A)

 These screens change the face of the city, the look and feel of where we live, with more light pollution, more aggressive corporate presence, and more distractions for drivers. And there’s been no public consultation for any of them.

Last year, we collected 100 powerful testimonials that show how digital billboards harm the wellbeing of people living nearby. Meanwhile, research shows that digital screens, with changing images, are more distracting for road users. Replacement digital displays will show a new ad every 10 seconds!

Here’s a step by step guide to making an objection:

> 👽 Go to Bristol Council’s planning portal: https://pa.bristol.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple

> ✏️ Type a planning ref: 23/00352/A (Fishponds Road) or 23/00357/A  (Hengrove Leisure Park) or 23/00349/A (Wells Road)

> 📝 Click ‘Make A Comment’ and write your objection.

What to include?

The Council can only reject the application on the basis of harm to ‘Road Safety’ and ‘Amenity’ (meaning, will the screen affect your ability to enjoy the place you live, and the character of the area?). It’s good to include these factors in your objection.

Also explain what this development would mean to you and how it would affect your life. For example, do you use the bus network, cycle or drive past bus stops, or live near to one?

Below are some points you could include, but make sure to make it personal to you:

Bear in mind your comments will be publicly available and may be read and quoted by anyone, including journalists.

  • The digital ad unit would damage local shops and businesses in the area. 
  • The character of the area would be blemished.
  • The digital ad unit being on street level would dominate the view of any passing cyclist or pedestrian. 
  • The digital ad unit would create a distraction to drivers.
  • The digital ad units consume vast amounts of energy and disrupt local wildlife.

Bristol has a great track record of stopping harmful ads like this. Your input can really make the difference. Please consider sharing this around also.

Thank you Adblockers!

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