A group of people stand in front of a billboard they have just put up. The billboard shows a banner reading "let's go get some local food" and images of local businesses and a woman with a dog looking at the businesses whilst on her other side is an ad for Mcdonald's

New DazCat design on Adblock Bristol’s community arts board

Our community arts billboard has a fresh new art design by local artist DazCat @dazcatgraff. The artwork celebrates community and local food in St Werburgh’s where the arts board is located, with a cheeky sideswipe at the billboards on the other side of Mina Rd roundabout which usually feature a (usually defaced) McBurger advert.

With the gorgeous backdrop mural by Lucas Antics on local veg shop Chaya Veggies, the board looks ready for spring! Thanks to everyone who came along to paste up the artwork with us.

The billboard is part of the Burg Arts project which was started up in St Werburgh’s in 2010 and adopted by Adblock Bristol in 2018. We’re always on the lookout for artists to collaborate with for the billboard and people to co-organise installation days – get in touch if you’re interested in working with us on the project.

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