Image shows a blank billboard superimposed next to a road with buildings in the background. Text in the top left of the image reads "New ad screen?? Object now!"

New giant billboard for Bristol – get yer objections in

We’ve spotted an application for a new digital billboard overlooking St Philips Causeway (planning ref: 23/00854/A). The single sided digital ad display would be 6 x 3.5 metres, showing up to 6 ads each minute to drivers on the busy causeway.

The screen’s typical electricity consumption rate is 4752 watts, meaning that one year of operation at the typical level would use 41,627kWh of electricity. That’s more than 11 average UK households.

No thanks JC Decaux! Follow our step-by-step guide below for how to object. Once a screen is up, it’s very hard to get it removed (have you signed our petition to take down the M32 screens?) And objecting works – with your help we’ve blocked 40 giant billboards like this over the last 5 years ✊

Bright blue light emitted from one of the M32 billboards (sign the petition to take the M32 ad screens down)

Here’s a step by step guide to making an objection:

> 👽 Go to Bristol Council’s planning portal:

✏️ Type a planning ref: 23/00854/A 

> 📝 Click ‘Make A Comment’ and write your objection.

What to include? 

The Council can only reject the application on the basis of harm to ‘Road Safety’ and ‘Amenity’ (meaning, will the screen affect your ability to enjoy the place you live, and the character of the area?). It’s good to include these factors in your objection.

Also explain what this development would mean to you and how it would affect your life. For example, do you use the causeway to drive to work or play?

Below are some points you could include, but make sure to make it personal to you:

Bear in mind your comments will be publicly available and may be read and quoted by anyone, including journalists.

  • The digital ad unit is on road level on a busy highway. It would dominate the view of any passing cyclist or driver, damaging road safety. 
  • The digital ad unit shows changing images and would create a distraction to drivers.
  • The digital ad units consume vast amounts of energy and disrupt local wildlife.
  • The billboard would be brightly lit and would ruin views of the city from long distances, including views of and from green space (as a comparison, the M32 screens can be easily seen from purdown).
  • Billboards largely show adverts from large companies meaning they damage local economies.

Bristol has a great track record of stopping harmful ads like this. Your input can really make the difference. Please consider sharing this around also.

Thank you Adblockers!

JC Decaux’s proposed view (it would look a lot shinier than this)
The unit’s vast power specification

The M32 screens can be seen for miles – the same would be the case for this screen

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