Two people face the camera holding a placard that reads "ban fossil ads". Behind them is a poster for Green Part Conference 2023.

Green Party Conference passes high carbon ad motion in move welcomed by Adfree Cities

Adfree Cities’ Charlotte and Nicola were thrilled to be at Green Party Conference 2023 in Brighton last weekend hobnobbing with councillors and politicians to spread the word about what they can do in their local areas to restrict outdoor advertising and bring in more ethical advertising policies.

The highlight of the weekend came on Saturday when a motion, brought by Caroline Lucas MP, for the Green Party to adopt a policy on banning high carbon advertising was passed unanimously. The motion is now Green Party policy and something that the party will work on and hopefully bring to national government as well. 

The motion text is a strong statement of intent on the issue of high carbon advertising for products like fossil fuels and flights. An earlier draft only called for high carbon ads to carry warnings, such as those on tobacco products. That a more robust motion was ultimately passed is hugely encouraging. 

It begins “Conference notes that high carbon advertising, as defined as forms of advertising that promote goods, products and services that are carbon intensive, is incompatible with a sustainable society. High carbon advertising underpins mass carbon consumption and promotes high carbon goods, products and services, and is therefore a significant factor in the climate crisis.”

Full text of the motion can be read here

The Green Party have always taken a strong position on advertising, stating in their policies on culture, media and sports that “The aggregate and cumulative effect of advertising taken altogether is to increase overall demand and foster a materialist and consumption driven culture which is not sustainable. The overall volume of advertising that promotes unsustainable consumption will be controlled and gradually reduced.” 

Whilst at the conference, we also attended sessions on creating a fairer and greener society, land use, active travel and the climate emergency to raise questions and add advertising to the debate. 

We look forward to continuing to work with the Greens and all policymakers to lobby for a national high carbon advertising ban. If you agree, please write to your MP about this using the link below.

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