Image shows a billboard on the side of a house. Text superimposed on the image reads "new digital ad screen proposed in Chadderton"

New digital ad screen proposed in Chadderton

Straight out of the gate Adblock Manchester has an application to object to, the replacement of a billboard with a new digital screen in Chadderton. The deadline for objections is 28th November 2023.

Update 6th December 2023: planning permission for this ad screen has been refused.

There have been 7 accidents at the junction immediately after the site in the last 5 years, with 11 casualties, one of which was serious (data from crashmap).

There is a whole host of research showing that digital displays are much more dangerous to road users than traditional ones, and this ad is near a busy A-road junction, a school, church and football ground! There are also houses on the other side of the road that will be affected by light pollution day and night.

Join Adblock Manchester in opposing this new screen to safeguard the health and wellbeing of residents and prevent needless further damage to the environment.

Please see these links for resources on how to object:

But essentially we can object on the grounds of public safety and visual amenity – in this case road safety concerns and how it will impact on the visual character of the area. Around 30 objections is a good number to aim for and the more the better, so share this with your friends, family, workmates and anyone who’s up for objecting to this display going up.

Follow this link to view the planning application and write your objection (you will need to register and login on the Oldham Council website to make a comment):

Reference Number: ADV/351813/23

We’ve compiled a list of helpful quotes you can weave into your objections to back up statements about the risk digital displays pose to road users! Thanks to Adblock Leeds for their blog post on this.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us via email:

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