Object to a large new digital ad screen in Edinburgh (Ratho Station)

A large new digital advertising screen is proposed for Ratho Station, Edinburgh. These large screens use the same electricity as around 11 average UK homes and often promote junk food, polluting cars and fast fashion. You can lodge an objection to the proposal at the Edinburgh Council planning portal:


Click on ‘Make a Comment’. Planning Reference: 23/06858/ADV

In your objection, be sure to mention the two formal grounds under which applications for new advertising screens can be considered:

  1. Harm to the amenity of the area. The large screen would be an overly bright and visually intrusive to the area.
  2. Danger to road safety. The screen would act as dangerous distraction to road users.

The deadline for objections is Friday 8th December 2023 (end of day) – although sometimes the application stays open for comments beyond that date.

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