Adblock Cardiff win against ads disguised as ‘Communication Hubs’

Adblock Cardiff secured a huge campaigning success to mark the new year, with permission being refused for five advertising billboards in Cardiff city centre.

We had objected to the proposed ‘communications hubs’, which were submitted by an agent on behalf of JCDecaux UK Ltd. We argued that although the units included some useful services such as defibrillators, these were effectively a Trojan horse for the huge, energy-sapping advertising screens on the units’ reverse. The applications indicated that “The single advertised rear of the Hub is the size of a standard 6 sheet advert built into a unit that stands at 2.6m in height and 1.3m in width and occupies an area of less than 0.50m2”. 

Cardiff Council’s planning department agreed with us that these enormous screens, which each use around the same electricity as four domestic households, would have added to street clutter in the city centre for minimal public benefit.

We were also heartened to see WalesOnline report on the decision, quoting extensively from our objections.

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