Gain skills in social movement organising to run kickass campaigns and build grassroots power in local communities!

Adfree Cities are looking for engaged activists to join our Adblock Coordinator Training Programme. Whether you want to build on your skills or are a new activist this is for you! 

You will meet like minded people committed to anti-consumerism and learn the essential skills to run a successful local campaign. 

The programme will include a mix of in-person and online events including:

  • Strategies to win against corporate advertising
  • Using direct action 
  • How to get your voice heard
  • How to run a great meeting
  • Evidencing the problems
  • Getting journalists to run your story

This is an opportunity to get skilled-up as a local organiser to support grassroots anti-advertising activism and reclaim public space. 

You will learn transferable skills in organising and campaigning that will be invaluable when working with others in the movement.

We will also create a space to reflect on the issues of advertising and consumerism more deeply to help you to generate and implement your own local campaigns.  

In-person events will be held in May and September 2022 and January 2023 starting with the Adree Cities National conference: Beyond Consumerism on Saturday May 14th in London. All other trainings will be run online. 


If you have any questions or would like further information please contact Charlotte on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays on 07841508231 or using the email above.

We aim to make the training as accessible as possible and available to people across the UK – please let us know if you have any specific access or travel needs. 

Artwork above by Lotte Brockbank