Welcome to Adspotters!

Adspotters is Adfree Cities’ citizen science project to map outdoor advertising across the UK.

Adspotters round 1 successfully ran from Autumn 2022 into Spring 2023 and focused on ads for food and drink.

Round 2 focuses on ads for cars, planes, trains and all things transport. Even if it’s an ad for a sporting event or and film, if it features a vehicle, we want to know.

Ads for things like cars and flights drive demand for those products, which in turn drive up carbon emissions and air pollution whilst reducing demand for alternatives like public transport. We want to understand more about what advertisers are saying and where and how they’re saying it.

Take part in Adspotters Round 2

Adspotters is open to everyone, wherever you live, young or old, whether you like ads or hate ’em we want to hear from you.

Taking part in Adspotters couldn’t be easier. All you need is a camera or phone that can take pictures.

Find free to download guides on taking part below. We have a general purpose guide as well as a suggested walking guide that you can use alone or with friends to take an adspotting stroll.

You can also sign up as an Adspotter to receive regular updates from us, but you don’t have to do this to take part.

Adspotters Guides

These guides are free to download and contain everything you need to get going as an Adspotter.

A image on a guide to Adspotters.
A screenshot image of a walking guide.

Sign-up for updates

Signing up lets us keep in touch with you about Adspotters as the project progresses over the next six months.

Sign-up is optional. You don’t have to sign up to take part.

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