Bedminster Business Improvement District opposition to billboards

The Bedminster BID represents over 350 businesses in the BS3 area of Bristol. Our aim is to support and champion the traders to better amplify their businesses but also the community they sit within. This local community, and its relationship with its highstreet, is one of the factors that make this area special/vibrant and we support groups who wish to see it thrive and enrich the lives of those living and visiting here.

Adblock BS3 seeks to make our area, and the wider city, free of corporate advertising and we offer our support as a community focused group in making this a reality. We want to be the highstreet of the future not the past, where shopping local and independent has a positive effect on our community.

We believe that corporate outdoor advertising can undermine our local economy by preferencing large corporations over local businesses, in contrast to our aims as an organisation.

The billboards themselves give a negative impression of our local area. They suggest it is not a highly valued or a pleasant place to stop and spend time by detracting from the urban environment. There are already dozens of billboards in the Bedminster area and we wish to see these numbers reduced.

Particularly in relation to safety as billboards, especially digital ones, are designed to be distracting to drivers and we believe this is an unacceptable safety risk imposed on our community. As the landscape of BS3 changes, with new developments on the horizon, we wish to see our urban environment focus on positive messaging, safety and celebrating creativity. We believe this can be, in part, achieved by their campaign.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to being part of the change within BS3.

Bedminster BID Ltd
May 2020