Image shows a billboard on the side of a house. Text superimposed on the image reads "new digital ad screen proposed in Chadderton"

New digital ad screen proposed in Chadderton

Straight out of the gate Adblock Manchester has an application to object to, the replacement of a billboard with a new digital screen in Chadderton. The deadline for objections is 28th November 2023. Update 6th December 2023: planning permission for this ad screen has been refused. There have been 7 accidents at the junction immediately…Continue reading New digital ad screen proposed in Chadderton

Adblock Manchester

Adblock Manchester is a campaign group committed to reclaiming our public spaces from outdoor corporate advertising. We’re concerned about their impacts on our health, the environment, and local communities. We are a young group in the Adfree Cities network – we started in November 2023 – and we’re excited to be defining our objectives and…Continue reading Adblock Manchester