Image shows a poster in a bus stop ad panel on a busy street. The ad is for McDonald's.

Junk food advertising

A Big (Mac) problem Junk food advertising is big business. Between 2022 and 2023, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, KFC and Pepsi alone spent £168 million on outdoor advertising promoting junk food. Despite the health dangers posed by foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) being increasingly flagged by health professionals and policy makers, ads for…Continue reading Junk food advertising

Bus stop ad for EasyJet shows the outline of a plane above the text "destination zero emissions"

Aviation advertising

Aviation emissions are deeply unequal In many ways, the global aviation industry epitomises the injustice of the climate crisis. Ads for cheap flights idealise a jet-set lifestyle whilst hiding the impact that emissions from aviation are having around the world. Meanwhile, private jet companies seek a new clientele with the promise of luxury, at the…Continue reading Aviation advertising

A billboard with a advert for vaping products. Text across the board reads "out of the world flavour" whilst underneath are images of the vape.

Vape advertising

A social and environmental disaster The use of vapes (or e-cigarettes) has exploded in recent years with over 4 million people regularly using them. Although potentially useful as an aid to quit smoking, the sheer scale of vape use – especially of disposable vapes – and the speed with which it has grown has created…Continue reading Vape advertising

Big Oil Greenwash

Licence to pollute We are all by now aware of the role fossil fuel companies play in driving the climate crisis. However, what is sometimes overlooked is the ability oil and gas companies have to continue operating despite massive public opposition to what they do. This is what’s known as social licence, and it comes…Continue reading Big Oil Greenwash

Image of large digital billboards brightly lit along a main road at night.

Explore harmful advertising

At Adfree Cities we want to free public spaces from corporate advertising. This also involves taking action against some of the most harmful kinds of advertising, calling for an end to ads which harm our health and fuel drive destructive industries like fossil fuels, cars and factory farming. Below are some of the main areas…Continue reading Explore harmful advertising