Beyond Consumerism:
Reducing the Brain Pollution from Advertising

National Conference hosted by Adfree Cities & Badvertising

🗓️ Saturday 14th May 2022, 10am – 5pm
📍 Conway Hall, London
This event has been and gone – thanks to all who came!

Are there too many adverts everywhere you look, do they seem to follow you around? It’s not just you…

Join others who want to create healthy, sustainable cities with thriving public spaces at the Adfree Cities Beyond Consumerism conference. In collaboration with the Badvertising campaign, the conference will bring together residents, health campaigners, artists, climate activists, ad industry workers, academics and planners who are resisting corporate advertising and finding solutions to its dominance over our minds and our culture.

We’ll hear from campaigners taking on Big Tech giants and residents ‘ad-blocking’ digital billboards in their neighbourhoods. We’ll celebrate victories against junk food advertisers and, following in the successful footsteps of campaigns to end tobacco ads and sponsorship, learn from exciting new moves to end fossil fuel sponsorship of sports. We’ll look at the guerrilla arts movements that have spoofed, parodied and reclaimed corporate advertising spaces and how we can communicate new visions of prosperity beyond economic growth. All are welcome to join a rich day of presentations, panel discussions, conversation, practical workshops and live music as we take back the view from visual pollution. 

Couldn’t make it? You can find an overview of the day’s events in our Workshop Information page. Videos and sound recordings from each session will be available soon.