Thanks to everyone who attended our online Adfree Cities conference on 7th November 2020. Below you can find short videos and presentations from the speakers in the 3 sessions.

Videos and presentations from our speakers

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How to persuade your local council to introduce curbs on advertising for high carbon products.
Part of the ‘Badvertising’ campaign with New Weather Institute and Possible.

Andrew Simms is co-director of the New Weather Institute, coordinator of the Rapid Transition Alliance, and co-author of the original Green New Deal. His books include The New Economics, Ecological Debt, and Cancel the Apocalypse. Download Andrew’s presentation here (pdf)
Twitter: @AndrewSimms_UK

Hirra Khan Adeogun has recently begun a new role as Head of Car Free Cities at the climate charity Possible. She is also a Trustee of Wen (the Women’s Environmental Network) and is passionate about designing sustainable futures that centre social justice, human rights and community cohesion. Download Hirra’s presentation (pdf).
Twitter: @hirr4

Sophie Marjanac is the Climate Accountability Lead at Client Earth. Sophie is an Australian qualified environmental lawyer and a specialist in climate change law, climate litigation and environmental human rights. In 2019, her team brought a complaint against BP’s fossil fuel advertising to the UK National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines.  Download Sophie’s presentation (pdf).
Twitter: @SMarjanacCE

Carla Denyer is Policy & Communications Coordinator at Adfree Cities, and a Green Party councillor in Bristol. She proposed the first Climate Emergency declaration in Europe, committing Bristol to go carbon neutral by 2030. Before entering politics, Carla worked as an engineer in the wind energy industry. Download Carla’s presentation (pdf).
Twitter: @carla_denyer, Instagram: @carladenyer, Facebook: @CllrCarlaDenyer


Travel the UK with us (virtually!) to see some inspiring examples of people taking public space back from advertisers. See community arts billboards and murals celebrating local heroes. Hear from the artists who made them.

Michele Curtis is a Bristol-based Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer, and founder of the Iconic Black Britons project. Blending art and history into one, Michele’s portraits celebrate the unsung heroes of Bristol’s Caribbean communities, from civil rights campaigners to the founders of St Pauls Carnival.
Twitter: @IcncBlkBritons, Instagram: @iconicblackbritons, Facebook: @MicheleCurtisArtist

Rosa ter Kuile is an artist and Campaign Manager for Rising Arts Agency. She recently led the Bristol-wide #WhoseFuture campaign which reclaimed 370+ poster and billboard sites as a platform for 37 young artists to call for racial justice, access and inclusion, wellbeing and climate justice. Download Rosa’s presentation (pdf).
Twitter: @rtiiika, Instagram: @rtiiika, Facebook: @rtiiika

Josephine Gyasi: Creative – Producer – Director – Artivist – Performer with a strong passion to ensure equality, inclusion and diversity is implemented at the heart of everything. She believes it’s important to speak honestly and be positive in her approach. She has a strong trajectory to promote social change, raising the voices of under-represented people. Her life experiences have enabled her to understand the complexities of humanity and (lack of) equal opportunities. Community has become a key focus within her work. A member of Rising Arts Agency. Watch the video of her poem ‘What Are your Plans?’ here.
Twitter: @JosieGyasi, Instagram: @josephine.gyasi

Jack Ellis is the co-founder of Leeds Street Gallery, a project bringing legal access to walls to Leeds Street artists. The project brings colour to the streets of West Yorkshire, and free art for the public to enjoy. Download the photo album Jack shared during his talk.
Instagram: @leedsstreetgallery, Facebook: @leedsstreetgallery

Wezi Mhura is a freelance creative producer and Creative Associate for National Theatre of Scotland, who has initiated and developed projects with widely diverse groups of artists, organisations and artforms including dance, street theatre, circus, physical theatre, digital and music performances. She is the founder of AfriFest, Scotland’s first festival commemoration of African arts and culture, and a celebratory showcase of visual, performing arts and culture of the Scottish Pan-African community. Her latest project is the Black Lives Matter Mural Trail – crowdfunded via the GoFundMe page here.
Twitter: @BLMMuralTrail, Instagram: @blmmuraltrail


Advertising is a key tactic in maintaining corporate power. Companies use adverts to launder their public image and shore up their social licence to operate Activists from the Brandalism network have recently targeting the fossil fuel investments of high street banks like HSBC. Their ‘subvertising’ campaign of alternative artworks aimed to create a ‘right to reply’ for frontline resistance movements to speak back to toxic ad campaigns by big banks; and to expose the human rights and climate impacts of their policies.

In this session we heard:

  • Stories from the frontline from Cabo Delgado in Mozambique;
  • An intro to climate policy analysis;
  • The latest UK-wide solidarity actions;
  • How you can support the wider campaigns.

Henrieke Butijn is a climate campaigner at BankTrack, based in Utrecht. She analyses different banks’ climate policies, and works with communities on the frontlines of bank financed projects to support their resistance to fossil infrastructure. Download Henrieke’s presentation (pdf).
Twitter: @banktrack, Facebook: @BankTrack

Daniel Ribeiro, technical coordinator and program officer at Justiça Ambiental/Friends of the Earth Mozambique. Justiça Ambiental! (JA!) is an organisation which operates out of Mozambique. JA! views the environment as an holistic concept, and thus views environmental justice as the act of using the environment as a vehicle for ensuring equity and equality across society.
Twitter: @JA4change, Facebook: @ja4change