Saturday 7th November 2020

Imagine a city free from corporate advertising…

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11am – 12 noon. Stop adverts fuelling the climate emergency: How to persuade your local council to introduce curbs on advertising for high carbon products. Part of the ‘Badvertising’ campaign with New Weather Institute and Possible.

1pm – 2pmStreet art tour: Travel the UK with us (virtually!) to see some inspiring examples of people taking public space back from advertisers. See community arts billboards and murals celebrating local heroes. Hear from the artists who made them.

3pm – 4pm: Advertising as greenwash: high street banks and climate chaosAdvertising can be understood as a key tactic in maintaining corporate power (another being political lobbying). Companies are able to use adverts to ‘greenwash’ their public image and shore up their social licence to operate. Activists targeting the fossil fuels investments of high street banks have recently used ‘subvertising’ to speak back to these ad campaigns; and to expose the human rights and climate impacts of their policies. Hear stories from the latest UK-wide initiative and find out how you can support the ongoing action.

What to expect

The first Adfree Cities conference was held in Bristol in October 2019. Read about it here. The event was free and attended by around 150 people including from Birmingham, Manchester, London, Brighton, the South West, Cardiff and Bristol.

The 2020 Adfree Cities conference aims to:

  1. Bring together critical voices around the advertising issue (e.g. climate, corporate power, junk food, public space, arts)
  2. Amplify individual anti-advertising campaigns
  3. Movement building: support new Adblock groups and organisers around the country.

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Lead organisation: Adfree Cities

This event was previously advertised as happening in person in Birmingham but has now been moved online due to covid19.