At Adfree Cities we want to free public spaces from corporate advertising. This also involves taking action against some of the most harmful kinds of advertising, calling for an end to ads which harm our health and fuel drive destructive industries like fossil fuels, cars and factory farming. Below are some of the main areas of harmful advertising Adfree Cities is currently working on. Click on the links to explore our work in each area and find out ways that you can get involved.

A bus stop poster for the Toyota Land Crusher

Car Industry Advertising

Carmakers are amongst the world’s biggest polluters, but you wouldn’t know that from their marketing.

Big Oil Advertising

The original greenwashers, Big Oil giants still lead the field when it comes to climate misinformation.

A graphic shows people staring at a billboard ad for meat and dairy whilst behind the advert we see rows of factory farming sheds full of cows.

Meat, Dairy and Egg Advertising

Not so happy cows. The meat and dairy industry is hiding a lot of skeletons in its closet.

Vape Advertising

A classic example of outdoor advertising providing a willing platform for polluters.

A london red bus with an advert panel on the side showing an advert for Elf Bar Vapes
Bus stop ad for EasyJet shows the outline of a plane above the text "destination zero emissions"

Aviation Advertising

The promise of guilt-free flights is too good to be true.

Junk Food Advertising

Fast food is one of the most common things we see advertised on our streets – isn’t it time we questioned that?

Image shows a poster in a bus stop ad panel on a busy street. The ad is for McDonald's.