There are lots of ways you can help create ad-free cities. Below is information on joining a local Adblock group, starting your own group, and taking part in our national campaigns.

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Four people pose in front of an ad screen that has been covered in paper and a large red X.

Join your local group

Adblock groups are the backbone of our work. Find your local group here and get involved today.

Can’t find one near you? Learn how to start your own here.

Lobby your councillors for change

Local councils have a lot of power to reduce advertising on our streets.

A photo taken from a high angle shows four people sat around a table looking at a large piece of paper.

Get campaigning

Take part in one of our national campaigns to fight for change.

Write to your MP

Ask MPs for national change on outdoor advertising.

graphic image of a man pointing at a large advert. the word "Adspotters" is in the top left of the image.

Become an Adspotter

Adspotters is our interactive citizen science project to help us understand the adverts that are out there.

Anyone can take part with as little as two minutes a week.


Check out our upcoming events and browse past events here.

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