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There are Adfree Cities groups around the UK. Find information on your local group below.

Not a group near you? Support one of our national campaigns, or if you’d like information on how to set up a local group, see our resources page for ideas!


Adblock Bristol formed in April 2017 out of a desire to create a city free from the pressures of corporate outdoor advertising.

A group of people in a large community hall in birmingham sit listening to an Adblock speaker at the podium


Adblock Brum, is working towards a city that celebrates its creativity, culture and independence, where residents have a say over what they see in public spaces.


Adblock Cardiff is a campaign to reclaim public space from corporate advertising, for the benefit of citizens and visitors to the capital city of Wales.


Adblock Exeter are a new group, formed in 2020. They’re just getting started with the campaign in Exeter, so it’s an exciting time to join!

Images shows trees in a park with a hand-drawn sign in the lower right corner reading "Another Advert Here?"


Adblock Leeds object to new and existing advertising infrastructure in Leeds, and expose the negative impacts of advertisement.