Adfree Cities is going on tour

Adfree Cities has teamed up with the incredible artist Darren Cullen ( and Switch It Green and will be wending our way across the country this autumn delivering talks and workshops about big oil advertising. And we’re inviting you to join us on the road!  

The Hell Bus is a satirical protest on wheels, exposing the flagrant greenwashing of the oil industry and Shell in particular, jam packed with propaganda-busting art installations. If you aren’t familiar with the Hell Bus, it has already made appearances at COP26, Glastonbury, and alongside comedian Joe Lycett in his funny and thought provoking Channel 4 documentary Joe Lycett vs The Oil Giant. 

Our mission on the tour is to highlight the greenwashing of the oil giants, to campaign for tobacco style bans on high carbon advertising, divest from dirty banks, and engage with local activists, councillors and politicians on the need for new legislation to curb the harmful effects of billboards and digital screens in our cities and on our streets.

Where and when

Adfree Cities will be present for the following 2023 dates:

Our friends at Switch It Green will also be running the following events:

  • Colcheseter 16th – 18th October, University of Essex
  • Bristol 30th Oct – 1st November, UWE – Frenchay Campus