Adblock Manchester is a campaign group committed to reclaiming our public spaces from outdoor corporate advertising. We’re concerned about their impacts on our health, the environment, and local communities.

We are a young group in the Adfree Cities network – we started in November 2023 – and we’re excited to be defining our objectives and are looking for new members to join the conversation and help shape them!

Join the movement against corporate ads

Outdoor advertising is everywhere in our towns and cities, and they’re the one form of advertising we don’t have any control over seeing, unlike on our phones, on TV or in the newspaper. These adverts are insidious and unavoidable as we go about our daily lives. New digital billboards take this to the next level, they’re huge, bright and changing every few seconds, trying to capture our attention and sell us stuff we don’t need. They also block our connection to the environment, which makes us care less and less about what happens in the places we live and work.

Our area already has a huge amount of large outdoor advertising displays, and at present we are working ‘fire-fighting’ by objecting to new planning applications. We are also looking to work with local policy makers to change legislation to stop these advertisements, and restrict the kind of things advertised on existing ones, like a ban on fossil fuel and junk food advertising.

Contact us

We are very much in the early stages of the group and welcome new members and their ideas!
Please get in touch with us via email at if you are interested.

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