As well as campaigning in cities through our local groups, the Adfree Cities network runs campaigns at a UK-wide level, often in collaboration with other like-minded groups.

Two women pose for the camera holding placards that read "Our space not ad spcae"

Write to your MP: Better Without Billboards

We need changes to law that empower communities and local councils to say NO to new billboards.

Two placards leaning against a wall. One reads "Ban fossil fuel ads" the other reads "Greenwashing is a fossil crime"

Write to your MP: ban high carbon ads

Advertising fossil fuel companies is toxic and wrong. Can you write to your MP to ask them to support a ban on fossil fuel ads?

Sign the petition: Turn off billboards at night

The Government must turn off advertising billboards at night to save energy and reduce light pollution.

Stop adverts fuelling the climate emergency

Adfree Cities has teamed up with the New Weather Institute and Possible on the Badvertising campaign to tackle advertising of high-carbon products like SUVs, flights and fossil fuels.

CAGA Coalition Against Gambling Ads logo web

Coalition Against Gambling Ads (CAGA)

Adfree Cities is a member of the Coalition Against Gambling Ads, which is campaigning for an end to all gambling advertising promotion and sponsorship.

End Surveillance Advertising to Kids

Adfree Cities is a member of this coalition which calls on the UK Government to end surveillance advertising for all internet users, and in particular to stop websites targeting children.