We love this green space in the heart of our community, but it would be so much #BetterWithoutBillboards.

For the community, not corporate ads

We’re calling on Western Power, who own the electricity substation behind the billboards, to end their contract with the advertising company Global. We’re asking them to work with the local community to transform the space for the benefit of the people who live, work and play there.

What do you want to see here instead? How about a mural, or more trees, or perhaps a community noticeboard? Share your ideas and together we’ll create a vision for North Street Green which Western Power can’t ignore.

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What’s wrong with the billboards?

I live right opposite North Street Green with my family. We love it here, but these big billboards are so out of place. We can’t help but look at the adverts every day, it’s unavoidable and they are very intrusive. Having a 2-year-old, sometimes the imagery (especially film ads) can even be scary or violent. In a mainly residential area, people should not have to be subjected to this advertisement pollution day in and day out. We never asked for it, and the benefit to the corporation doing the business shouldn’t outweigh the cost to us all living here.

Kate, local resident
  • These two huge corporate advertising boards are jarringly out of place on North Street Green which is surrounded by residences and local businesses. Local residents have described the billboards as ‘eyesores’, ‘visual smog’ and ‘far too big’.
  • Large scale outdoor advertising favours big corporations, undermining our local economy and the independent businesses we want to support.
  • Corporate advertising is driving overconsumption and environmental damage. The majority of adverts on billboards are for big brands promoting products like junk food, fast fashion, cars or supermarkets. We’re not saying that people should never buy these things. But let’s make more space for supporting wellbeing, nature or local organisations, and less for the voices of the big corporations who bring little benefit to our community.
  • The billboards are aimed at passing traffic, but it’s the people who live nearby who are impacted. They have no choice but to see these huge ads every time they look out of their window or go for a walk. Advertising uses manipulative tactics to make us feel inadequate and dissatisfied, which affects our mental health.
  • Read more about the trouble with billboards.

North Street Green is dwarfed by two unsightly billboards, goading us into buying something we just don’t need, or in the case of food advertising, buying food that in most cases is detrimental to health. What makes North Street so special is the great independent businesses and we can do without the eyesore of billboards defacing our street.

Chris Cierpik, Rare Butchers of Southville

Who are we?

Adblock BS3 is part of the Adblock Bristol campaign. We are concerned about the impacts of corporate advertising on our wellbeing, environment, climate and the local economy. We work with the local community to keep digital billboards out of BS3, to remove existing billboards where we can, and to promote positive, community-led alternatives for our public spaces. Find us on twitter @adblockbristol and instagram @adblockbristol

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