Founded in early 2021, Adblock Norwich is a fast-growing collection of community-minded activists, environmentalists and artists. We are working to free Norwich’s public realm from corporate ads: instead we want to see beautiful and thoughtful artworks which reflect our city’s creative and independent spirit.

Adblock Norwich is working towards a city that celebrates its creativity and independence, where communities have a say in what they see in the city’s streets and other public spaces. Adblock Norwich is opposed to billboards and other corporate outdoor advertising, preferring a visual environment which reflects the unique identity of our city, the values of local communities and the local economy.

You can find the group on our Facebook page or on Instagram. You can also email us at adblocknorwich[~at~]

Write to your Election Candidates in Norwich

The run up to the local Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council elections on 6 May 2021 provide us with an opportunity to influence local policy and place the problems with outdoor advertising in the minds of local policymakers.

If elected, they could be running Norwich/Norfolk for the next 4 years, so getting them to make pledges now to ban, control or reduce advertising will make our subsequent campaigns much easier.

Here’s our quick guide and template email for contacting your election candidates:

  1. Look on our Facebook page for contact details for local candidates in Norwich.
  2. Copy, paste (and personalise if you wish) the template email to candidates below into an email.
Copy and paste this message to your ward candidates.  

To: your ward candidates
Subject: policy to restrict unethical outdoor advertising in Norwich

Dear candidates, [Or: Dear candidate’s firstname]

I am writing to you to find out your views on corporate outdoor advertising ahead of the local elections on 6 May 2021. I am opposed to corporate advertising billboards, especially large new digital screens, on the grounds that they are bad for our wellbeing and mental health, degrade the character of our neighbourhoods, and promote an unsustainable model of consumerism.

1. Will you support a policy of ‘No New Billboards’ in the city? This would mean the council rejects planning applications for new billboards, especially large new digital screens.

2. If elected, will you prohibit advertising on Council-controlled sites (e.g bus stops) for harmful products such as environmentally-damaging goods, junk food, gambling, payday loans and alcohol? Other local authorities have recently enacted similar policies.

Recent research shows that the electricity used for outdoor advertising in Norwich is the equivalent of that used to power up to 960 homes (and these figures are grossly understated, because some of the advertising infrastructure, and embodied energy, are not included in the research). This figure would also rise substantially with increased use of digital advertising. And so not only do many advertisements encourage unsustainable products, but the method of advertising is deeply unsustainable itself. I believe that this issue needs to be addressed urgently, especially as Norwich City Council has declared a climate emergency.

For more information on the background to these issues, please see this Briefing for Candidates:

Please copy into your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name
Your Postcode (it’s important to add your postcode so that the candidates know you live in their ward)

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