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Taking down junk food ads: How local areas are taking action on outdoor advertising. (Sustain, 2019)

Advertising as a major source of human dissatisfaction: Cross-national evidence on one million Europeans (VoxEU, 2019)

Think of me as evil: Opening the ethical debates in advertising (PIRC / WWF-UK, 2011)

Kids for sale: online advertising and the manipulation of children (Global Action Plan, 2020)

A proposal for restricting manipulative advertising in public spaces (Green House Think Tank, 2021)

The environmental impacts of corporate advertising (Adblock Leeds / Wellbeing Economy Alliance, 2021)

The impacts of banning advertising directed at children in Brazil (The Economist Intelligence Unit, August 2017). This report shows that “A ban on advertising aimed at children in Brazil is… a highly cost-effective strategy in terms of significantly increasing the healthy life-expectancy of Brazil’s population.”

Advertising Makes Us Unhappy, Andrew Oswald (Harvard Business Review Jan/Feb 2020)


No Logo: Taking aim at the brand bullies – by Naomi Klein (originally published 1999, there is also a 10th anniversary edition)

The Attention Merchants: The epic scramble to get inside our heads – by Tim Wu (2017)

The High Price of Materialism: A study of how materialism and consumerism undermine our quality of life. – by Tim Kasser (2003)

Podcast episodes

Streets Ahead, Season 1, Ep. 25: Badvertising (2021)