People in Bristol are sick of the light pollution and distraction caused by the two massive digital billboards in Easton that overlook the M32. This winter, the screens are up for review. Sign our petition to ask Bristol City Council to listen to the evidence and take them down!

Adblock Bristol has collected more than 100 powerful testimonials that show how the M32 screens are reducing the quality of life of people living nearby and driving past. The screens are causing negative impacts on mental health and distraction for drivers. They are impacting Bristolians’ ability to take pride in the city and to enjoy their local neighbourhood.

“I live with one shining directly into my upstairs window, blocking my only view of any green space.”

Amy, Easton

“As I have ADHD I find that distracting billboards drain me of energy due to the extra concentration it takes to avoid the unnecessary glaring lights and imagery.”

Anon, Bishopston

It’s time to take action: under the terms of the screens’ planning consent the Council has the power to serve a discontinuance notice after five years, which is this winter. The Council can choose to serve notice on the screens if it considers “that a substantial injury to the amenity of the locality or a danger to members of the public, as the case may be, has been caused”.

The screens have overstayed their welcome. The evidence shows that a ‘substantial injury’ has been caused. Join our call to the Council to take them down.

“The billboards add to the sense that this is a neighbourhood that ‘doesn’t matter'”

Mike, Easton

“It feels like a horrible dystopian nightmare, they’re distracting, they feel intrusive.”


Screened Out is a campaign run by the Adblock Bristol. We are concerned about the impacts of corporate advertising on our wellbeing, environment, climate and the local economy. We work with the local community to keep digital billboards out of Bristol, to remove existing billboards where we can and to promote positive, community-led alternatives for our public spaces. We also lobby for policy change to counter outdoor corporate advertising at a national level.

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